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Hannah - Rat Queens - Construction Log


Hannah - Rat Queens - Construction Log

Jess Jupiter

"Get fucked, Valentine!"

"Get fucked, Valentine!"

So, I originally intended to write this immediately after Dragon Con after getting some kick ass photos done in my Hannah from Rat Queens costume. Sadly, my cat passed away and we left Dragon Con early. Since then, I've been pretty bummed out and depressed, but I've uncovered some great photos from Jessica Jolt that I wanted to share as well as show off how I made the costume....  

To start us off, I began with the center panel on the corset. It's got a seam down the center that I added metallic embroidery floss to, then I added small grommets and leather lacing that were purely decorative. In hind sight, I probably shouldn't have added these details first, since they made it impossible to turn the corset right side out when the time came. 

The boots were started for C2E2 2015! I decided on modifying a base pair of shoes into thigh high boots so that I could get the most bang for my buck. My plan at the time (and still is) was to add armor over the boots and gloves per Hannah's costume design in the first few issues of Rat Queens, so having the boots fit 100% A+ amazing was on the back burner for me, since they'd be covered by armor. Of course, it never occured to me that I would want to wear them without the armor, so regret #2 of this costume is that one of the boots looks like shit from the front/side. 

To make a thigh high boot cover, I chopped off the top of a pair of wedge boots that I've had for years but only wore once. I then put on the shoe portion that was left and covered my leg in Saran wrap. It seriously helps to have a partner for this process! I then used painter's tape to cover over the Saran wrap, since it was all I had on hand. Ideally you'd want to use Duck tape for this process so that the boot mock up retains it's shape better! Next cut out of muslin and refine your pattern! 

After I had cut out a pattern and sewn them out of the proper fabric (with both fabric and lining interfaced for stability), I used E6000 to carefully glue the covers onto my base shoe. As you can see, there's the whole "I'll never wear these without the armor!" factor on the toe. 

But hey, one boot cover looked pretty bad ass! 

Next came the rest of the corset. I followed a self drafted pattern to get her hourglass waist. This is what the boning channels looked like by the time I was mostly done... 

The skirt was cut from a pencil skirt pattern and shoooorrrtened haha. I also decided on adding some detailing that would match with the center panel of the corset. I then decided that simple metallic gold wasn't enough and added as second accent stitch with deep silver threads. I wanted this costume to feel like it could be from a DnD character's gear, with a lot of old world type accents. (<--I'm aware I sound like an asshole.)

The jacket was a simple bolero that was bastardized from another pattern that I've had sitting in my pattern drawer for years. The next step was to paint the detailing on her sleeve cuffs. As  much as I would have liked to make these functional parts of the sleeves, I only had so much fabric, so I made the cuffs as separate pieces. 

Sadly I don't have any progress pictures of the "chest piece" haha. I literally just took an old push up bra of mine that had detachable straps and sprayed several layers of Plasti-dip onto it. Painted it pink, added gold accents, boom, done. I greatly wanted to make a proper chest piece out of Worbla, but the giant nature of my boobs prevents Worbla from cooperating, so I'm still experimenting with how to go about making a real chest piece! 

Wig is from Arda Wigs. (Duh) and was styled in the hotel room because I am veteran cosplay trash! Wand was made by Jessica Jolt. Ears are from Aradani Costumes