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About Me

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Part time plus sized model. 

Majority time cosplayer & photographer. 

Full time dork. 

Age: 27 (July 27th)
Orientation: Sexy sexual. 
Sign: Leo
Location: Chicagoland

Hello, I’m Jess! I’ve been going to conventions and cosplaying since 2005. I started to work on my photography skills in 2007.  Since then I’ve attended a ridiculous amount of conventions as a professional photographer, all while making my own costumes and having a blast! I enjoy making new costumes and improving my costuming skills, cosplaying at conventions, as well as taking costumes off for photos. I officially started modeling in 2013. 

I've got several hobbies and a job outside of costuming/photography/modeling. I sometimes like to play video games. I really like to eat popcorn and ice cream. I lift weights and do Crossfit (fight me.). I have song ADD and usually will hit skip track half way through. I can and will fall asleep anywhere except my bed.  I like to sculpt with polymer clay. I've got four dogs and two cats. I've got tattoos and plan to get more of them. I collect GloomyBears, Hello Kitty, Monster High, and Evangelion figures.